Tree Removals

If an entire tree needs to be removed, Hawleyscape Tree Service will use the right technique for the situation. From a simple felling job, to a complex, high-risk removal, we will remove the tree safely and in strict accordance with industry standards.

Tree Pruning & Shaping

Pruning is essential to maintain the health and beauty, as well as the structural integrity, of your trees. It can also be critical for safety and liability issues. Our arborists can prune your trees to remove dead, diseased or damaged limbs, and increase light and air penetration. We also do clearance pruning from buildings and driveways and correct crowding or rubbing limbs.

Spurless Climbing

A tree that is not being completely removed should be worked on without spurs in order to ensure optimal health and reduce the stress caused by pruning. All our climbers are proficient in spur less climbing.

Hedge Trimming

Annual trimming and shearing of your hedges is the best way to keep them well structured and under control. With regular shearing your hedges will be stronger and better suited to withstand snow and wind storms.

Brush Chipping

We have the equipment and expertise required to provide you with complete chipping services.

Tree Installation & Maintenance

Whether you are looking to increase your tree canopy, commemorate a special occasion, or just replacing a removed tree, Hawleyscape Tree Service can help you choose the right tree and the right location to ensure its health and longevity.

Stump & Root Grinding

If you have a tree stump you would like removed, we can provide you with our stump grinding service. Our machines systematically grind the stump into wood chips to a maximum depth of 14 inches below grade. Large, surrounding roots close to the surface can also be cut out. This allows you to plant another tree, a garden, or grass in the area where the stump was.

Cabling & Bracing

Trees can often be compromised by poor structure or damage. In many cases, cabling and bracing offers an alternative to removal. Hawleyscape installs a non invasive dynamic cabling system as a method of security to prevent catastrophic failure of major limbs or leaders.

Disease Identification & Management

Insects and diseases can threaten the health of a tree, as well as entire tree populations. If trees are kept in optimal condition, with sufficient water, nutrients, and light, they are less susceptible to pest problems and disease. If your tree develops any abnormality, or isn't thriving as it once was, consider having one of our certified arborists assess it to correctly diagnose the problem.

Arborist Consulting Services

Arboriculture consultation is a highly technical and specialized field. In order to best serve our clients we refer our consulting services to Arbor Vitae Tree Consultants. Owner Bill Wilde is highly skilled and trained in the practice of arborist reports and municipal regulations. He is well known and highly respected throughout the industry, and we are confident that he will serve you well. Visit the Arbor Vitae web site at: