Wes has been a contractor for the City of Port Coquitlam for 3 years. From tree removals to tree pruning to emergency tree removals Wes and his crew have conducted themselves in a professional, courteous and safe manner. With Wes's knowledge and expertise I know the job is going to get done right, the first time!
— Chris Pardeck, Arborist, City of Port Coquitlam

Wes Hawley has provided us with excellent service and has maintained our property since he started his business. He is always courteous, prompt and very knowledgeable in his field. From regular maintenance, pruning, or removal of trees, he is well equipped to handle our varying needs. We always feel comfortable and confident recommending him to people who are looking for a reliable arborist.
— Kim and Rob Bush from Mission, B.C.

Hawleyscape Tree Service (Wes Hawley) was contacted by us when we felt that some large old hemlocks in our back yard were starting to show signs of decline. Wes climbed all of our trees and took photos of what was going on beyond what we could see from ground level. Once our permit was in place, he and his crew took out what needed to come out and preserved all that we could safely. The job was done exactly as quoted. Over a period of 2 days, we went to work and came home to the job done perfectly and our yard clean from the work that Wes and his crew had done. We found Wes to be professional, timely and a pleasure to work with. His knowledge is evident. I'd highly recommend he and his business.
— Shirley McKell and Mark Truax, North Vancouver

Our first contact with Wes came two years ago when we were trying to determine the needs of a very large cedar tree on our property. We live in an area surrounded by parkland and our own property is home to many species of trees. Wes was highly recommended by a friend of ours who had dealt with Wes in the past. At that time, Wes gave us some suggestions for our tree as well as a very reasonable quote for potential services. Wes was very respectful of our desire to keep the tree at all costs and basically provided a prescription of sorts for how to do just that. Recently, we asked Wes back to reevaluate the tree and determine its safety. Together we determined that a minimalist approach be used and that we keep as much of the tree as possible in order to preserve the integrity of the tree as well as to diminish any potential hazards it posed as it ages. Once again, Wes did not try to oversell us on anything and his quote was more than reasonable.

Wes' expertise and friendly demeanour were very much appreciated by all the members of our family. Our children, in particular with very concerned about the possible loss of one of our property's landmarks and Wes was quick to put their minds at ease. Wes' attention to detail was also evidenced by the fact that during his two years between visits, he quickly noticed the addition of several new trees planted on our property during that time. Quite remarkable when you think of how many properties he has likely visited in that period! The final result for our magnificent cedar far exceeded our expectations and we have no doubt that it will remain "a part of the family" for many years to come. Thanks Wes!
— Patty from Port Moody